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20/3/2017 Publications Policy paper #DigitalAmitié : a Franco-German Axis to Drive Digital Growth and Integration
16/3/2017 European Democracy , Federation of Nation States, Publications, European Union and Citizens Policy paper Living Together Facing Fears: the French Political Dilemma
13/3/2017 Defense and Security, Euro and Economic Governance, Federation of Nation States, European Institutions, Publications Policy paper Differentiated Integration in the EU: A Variable Geometry Legitimacy
8/3/2017 Publications Policy paper EU strategy: Reskilling for the fourth Industrial Revolution
15/2/2017 Publications Policy paper A Political European Commission through a new organisation "This Time it’s Different". Really?
7/2/2017 Publications Policy paper Narrating Social Europe: the Search for progress in the "Age of Delors"
2/2/2017 Publications Policy paper Future of the Capital Markets Union after Brexit
1/2/2017 Publications Policy paper Brexit: Negotiation Phases and Scenarios of a Drama in Three Acts
31/1/2017 Publications Policy paper How to prioritize structural reforms in the euro area?
25/1/2017 Publications Policy paper Brexit and the EU budget: threat or opportunity?
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