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Eulalia Rubio

Eulalia Rubio

Senior Research Fellow. Economic and social affairs, european budget.

Eulalia Rubio is Senior Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute. Her research and publications focus particularly on EU public finances and investment and the reform of EMU governance. She is also associate professor at the European School of Political and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Lille (ESPOL) where she lectures a course on the ‘European economic governance’. Before joining the Jacques Delors Institute, she spent several years in academic positions working on themes related with the Europeanization of national and regional policies, the reform of welfare systems and the impact of EU cohesion policies.
In 2007, she obtained a Ph D degree in Political Science at the European University Institute (Florence). Prior to that, she was research assistant at the Department of Political Science of the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). During this period, she collaborated in various research projects and worked as assistant professor in political sciences, research methodology, public policy analysis and political economy. After defending her thesis and before joining the Jacques Delors Institute, she was associated professor in comparative politics at the University Pompeu Fabra (2006/2007).

- The possible impact of Brexit on the EU budget and CAP funding - The future of the European budget: What does the Commission’s White Paper mean for EU finances? - Making the Energy Transition a European Success - Brexit and the EU budget: threat or opportunity? - Public Sector Reform: How the EU budget is used to encourage it - Investment in Europe: Making the best of the Juncker Plan - Our 2015 annual Report - Federalising the Eurozone: Towards a true European budget? - Redesigning EMU: what agenda after the Greek negotiations? - Regional integration and social cohesion: the European experience - Improving EMU: Our recommendations for the debate on the five presidents report - The adjustements to the EU budget - Promoting structural reforms in the euro area: what for and how? - 25 years after the Delors Report: what lessons for economic and monetary union? - Which financial instrument to facilitate structural reforms in the euro area? - A green path of growth for the European economy? Synthesis of Green Forum 2012 - Spending better together: analyses and recommendations - Eurozone budget: 3 functions, 3 instruments - A "federalism by exception" for the Eurozone - A European statute for mutuals? - EMU: long-term matters are urgent matters - Completing the Euro: A road map towards fiscal union in Europe - EU budget negotiations: need for a healthy and constructive debate - The budgetary cost of solidarity in the euro zone: getting things clear and into perspective - The Case for Renewing Transatlantic Capitalism - Final report of the New Atlantic Capitalism project - Solidarity within the Eurozone: how much, what for, for how long? - The "added value" in EU budgetary debates: one concept, four meanings - How to spend better together - In search of the 'best added value for money': analyzing the performance of CAP and cohesion spending - Report Haug, Lamassoure, Verhofstadt: Europe for Growth : Towards a radical change in financing the EU - Connecting with Carbon Taxation - Social Europe and the crisis: Defining a new Agenda - The EU Renewed Social Agenda: the Right Way Forward? - Europe 2005-2025 : visions and contributions from think tanks - What European Policy Outlines for 2020? - EU Budget Review: Addressing the Thorny Issues - The case for a European tax: Benefits, practical aspects and options for endowing the EU with a veritable own resource - A Policy in its Infancy: The case for strengthening and re-thinking EU action on childhood - The EU budget: What for?
- Brussels, 9 June 2017 - A budget fit for purpose. Performance, conditionalities and EU added value - Brussels, 6 June 2017 - Funding the EU's future: towards a new Multi-annual Financial Framework - Madrid, 11 may 2017 - Relaunching Europe - Brussels, 21 April 2017 - The budgetary dimension of Brexit - Paris, 20 April 2017 - Brexit and the EU budget - Paris, 27 March 2017 - Social investment and the Juncker plan? - Brussels, 15 March 2017 - Brexit and the EU budget - Brussels, 10 March 2017 - 'Investment Plan for Europe' - Lisbon, 24th January - High-level seminar on the future of the euro - Luxembourg, 7 December 2016 - EU Fund for Strategic Investments - Evaluation of the monitoring system - The Hague, 6 December 2016 - How to improve the EU budget? - Vienna, 24 November - Fiscal union – Toward a treasury for the euro area? - Brussels, 15 November 2016 - Ensuring coherence with EU eGovernment priorities - Luxembourg, 7 September 2016 - European Fund for Strategic Investments : the stakeholders’ views - Santander, 29 August 2016 - Social Europe: integration or disintegration factor? - Paris, 08 July 2016 - Energy transition workshop at the Caisse des Dépôts - Brussels, 15 June 2016 - Which strategy of sectorial priorisation in the European industrial strategy? - Brussels, 16 June 2016 - Eurozone budget - Paris, 24 May 2016 - Presentation of the Report "Investment in Europe" at the Caisse des Dépôts - Mannheim, 3 May 2016 - Investment in Europe and the Juncker Plan - Orléans, 21 January 2016 - Are we done with mad finance in Europe? - Turin, 10 December 2015 - Governing Europe - Brussels, 4 december 2015 - The payments backlog in recent EU budgets: lessons learnt and outlook - Florence, 1-2 october 2015 - The efficiency and effectiveness of the EU budget - Lisbon, 10 September 2014 - Missing link in the EMU: economic policy coordination & structural reforms - Barcelone, 13 January 2014 - The social management of the crisis in Europe - Rome, 30 October 2012 - The EU budget: a driving force for changing Europe? - Madrid, 10 April 2012 - "Solidarity within the Eurozone: how much, what for, for how long?” - Brussels, March 13th, 2012 - "New Atlantic Capitalism: Reshaping the economic model in the EU and the US" - The Hague, 23 and 24 November 2011 - Smart Growth: A Future-proof EU Budget - New York, 24-25 October - "New Atlantic Capitalism: Reshaping the Economic model in the EU and the US" - Torino, 7th and 8th July 2011 - The post-2013 financial perspectives - Brussels, 19 April 2007 - The European budget - What for?
- The European budget, the CAP and the Brexit - Eulalia Rubio in France Agricole - The Brexit and the European budget - Eulalia Rubio in Campagnes & Environnement - Brexit, the EU budget and the CAP - Eulalia Rubio in L'Oise Agricole - Brexit, the EU budget and the CAP - Eulalia Rubio on IEG Policy - The reform of the Euro Area - Eulalia Rubio in El País - The new European budget - The Jacques Delors Institute in Les Echos - A budget for the euro area ? - Eulalia Rubio in La Croix - Eulalia Rubio in Le Point about the new European budget, between the Brexit and new spendings - Eulalia Rubio in EUobserver about the Juncker Plan and the relaunch of investments in Europe - Eulalia Rubio in Ouest-France about the couple Le Maire - Schäuble and the European economic policy - Eulalia Rubio on rtve analyses Emmanuel Macron's economic program - Our Policy paper about the Monetary Union on Pagina99 - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Le Point - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Libération - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in La Libre - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget on Bourse Direct - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Le Parisien - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget on - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Politico - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Trends Tendances - Eulalia Rubio on RFI Spanish about the Greek bailout - Eulalia Rubio on France Inter to analyse the financial cost of the Brexit for the EU - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Express - Our policy paper Brexit et budget de l'UE dans Ouest France - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Les Echos - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget on euronews - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Trends tendance - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget on euronews German version - Our policy paper Brexit and budget de l'UE on euronews Spanish version - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget in Express - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget on BFM TV - Our policy paper Brexit and EU budget on RFI - Elvire Fabry and Eulalia Rubio in about the positions on Europe of the French right - Eulalia Rubio in El País about eurozone area budget - Our report "Investment in Europe: Making the best of the Juncker Plan" in Contexte - Our report "Investment in Europe: Making the best of the Juncker Plan" in Localtis - Our report "Investment in Europe: Making the best of the Juncker Plan" in Politico - Eulalia Rubio on Radio Luxembourg about the European Budget - Eulalia Rubio guest of RFI spanish newscast to analyse the consequences of the 'no' vote in Greece - Eulalia Rubio on RFI to talk about the consequences of a Grexit - Eulalia Rubio quoted in Courrier Cab about Juncker Plan - Eulalia Rubio guest of Mataro about Syriza and Podemos parties - Eulalia Rubio interviewed in le Taurillon about the european budget - Eulalia Rubio's Policy Paper on structural reforms in the euro area is quoted in Contexte - Eulalia Rubio on Eesti Rahvusringhääling about the difficulty to implement structural reforms in France - Eulalia Rubio in La Razon about Corruption in Europe - Y.Bertoncini and Eulalia Rubio in the Huffington Post on the banking union - Eulalia Rubio in the French magazine l'Expansion for an article about banking union - Eulalia Rubio quoted by 20 min "Les Espagnols s'indignent sur les billets de banque" - Eulalia Rubio in Le Taurillon: "The European budget represents only 2,5 % of the European public spending " - Eulalia Rubio on Radio Judaïque analyses European Budget - Eulalia Rubio on Euradio Nantes Radio analyses the last European Council dedicated to the budget - Eulalia Rubio in "Economie Entreprises": "The risk of disappearance of the euro exists " - Eulalia Rubio talks to the foundation "Apprentis d'auteuil" on the impact of the crisis on European families - Eulalia Rubio in Le Taurillon on the report of the Tommaso Padoa Schioppa Group - Eulalia Rubio analyses in "La Razón" the possible results of the elections in Greece - Eulalia Rubio and Sofia Fernandes in Cinco Dias on the Solidarity in the Euro zone - Notre Europe in The Financial Times on the Solidarity in the Eurozone
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