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António Vitorino

António Vitorino

Former President of the Jacques Delors Institute

António Vitorino, a lawyer by profession since 1982, has been an associate at the law firm Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira & Associados since 2005.

Elected to parliament in 1980, he was Minister for Parliamentary Affairs in the government of Mario Soares (1983-85) before becoming Deputy Secretary in the Macau government (1986-87). He was a judge on Portugal's Constitutional Court (1989-94) before being elected MEP in 1994. In 1995 he became Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Portugal. In 1999 António Vitorino was appointed European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs, a post he occupied until 2004. As a representative of the European Commission he took part in both the convention which drew up the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Convention on the Future of Europe.

António Vitorino, born in 1957 in Lisbon, holds a degree in law from the University of Lisbon and a master's degree in political science.


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- A.Vitorino and Y.Bertoncini on Eurasia Review about permanent security checks within Schengen - Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy & alii in l'Humanité : La peur pour relancer l’Europe ? - J.Delors & alii in the "La UE y nuestra seguridad colectiva: ¡juntos somos más fuertes!" - J.Delors, A.Vitorino & alii in the : La UE e la nostra sicurezza collettiva: più forti insieme!! - J.Delors, A.Vitorino & alii on the : L'UE et notre sécurité collective, plus forts ensemble! - J.Delors, A.Vitorino & alii in Reuters on strengthening EU collective security with the UK - Antonio Vitorino on BBC to simulate the scenario of the negotiations post Brexit victory - António Vitorino in Sapo24 about the creation of a Security Council for the EU - António Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini in l'OBS about the EU - Turkey agreement - António Vitorino in Sapo24 : "Crise de migrações só será estancada com controlos na Turquia" - «Strefa Schengen umarła? Niech żyje Schengen!» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Euractiv Poland - «Schengen is dead? Long live Schengen!» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in - «Schengen je mrtvý? Ať žije Schengen» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Hospodářské noviny - «Schengen je mŕtvy? Nech žije Schengen!» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Dennik N - «Schengen est mort ? Vive Schengen !» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in the Luxemburger Wort - «Schengen er død – længe leve Schengen!» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Jyllands-Posten - «Schengen está morto? Viva Schengen!» our 2015 ESC' declaration on Sic Noticias - «Schengen est mort ? Vive Schengen !» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Le Soir - «Schengen está morto? Viva Schengen!» our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Publico - "Ne tuez pas Schengen !" our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Le Temps - "Solo Schengen potrà difenderci dal terrorismo" our 2015 ESC' declaration published in La Repubblica - "Η Σένγκεν πέθανε; Ζήτω η Σένγκεν!" our 2015 ESC' declaration published in To Vima - "Schengen est mort ? Vive Schengen !" our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Le Monde - "Lang lebe Schengen!" our 2015 ESC' declaration published in Handelsblatt - "¡Larga vida a Schengen!" our 2015 ESC' declaration published in El Pais - A.Vitorino and Y.Pascouau on EuradioNantes: control and solidarity at the EU borders - Antonio Vitorino in Publico : "Merci Jacques!" - António Vitorino on Euradionantes to talk about the Schengen area's developpement - António Vitorino in Les Echos: "Il reste beaucoup à faire pour avoir un système européen d'asile" - António Vitorino guest of Carrefour de l'Europe on RFI about Schengen 30th anniversary - Our working group on youth employment in the Frankfurter Rundschau - A.Vitorino and Y.Pascouau on the Huffington Post "L'agenda migratoire de l'UE: un nouvel élan bienvenu" - Our working group on youth employment in Le Monde: "Un Erasmus pour les jeunes apprentis" - Our working group on youth employment in The Guardian to promote an "Erasmus Pro" program - António Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini in the on Schengen, terrorism and security - António Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini in on Schengen, terrorism and security - The study "Reforming Europe's 'governance' by Y.Bertoncini and A.Vitorino in - "Ein neuer Vertrag für Europa" : J.Delors and A.Vitorino in Handelsblatt - "EU election aftermath: ask for the programme" : J.Delors and A.Vitorino on - "L'union après les élections: demandez le programme !" : J.Delors and A.Vitorino in The Huffington Post - "Europe’s chance to make strategic comeback" : J. Delors, A. Vitorino, P. Lamy & the Task Force in the FT - "Renverser le déclin européen" : J.Delors, A Vitorino, P.Lamy and the Task Force in Le Temps - J.Delors, A.Vitorino A.Vitorino and our Board "The European Union is an opportunity and a struggle" - J.Delors, A.Vitorino and P.Lamy and the Task Force: "Manifeste pour engager l'Europe dans le monde" - "Europe: the union is a chance and a struggle": J.Delors, A.Vitorino and our Board in Le Temps - "Europa: ¡la unión es una oportunidad y una lucha!": J.Delors, A.Vitorino and our Board in La Razon - "Europe: the union is a chance and a struggle": J.Delors, A.Vitorino and our Board in Le Figaro - "European elections: full steam ahead!": Our 2013 ESC' declaration published in La Revue de la CFDT - Y. Bertoncini and A. Vitorino on "EU's free movement: Like the air that we breathe?" - A.Vitorino and Y.Bertoncini on the Huffington Post: "La libre circulation: comme l'air qu'on respire?" - "Elections européennes : en avant, toute !" our ESC final declaration in La Libre Belgique - "Promoting European construction on the basis of clear alternatives", our ESC declaration on - "Eine pralle Agenda", our European Steering Committee (ESC) final declaration in Handelsblatt - "Por una gran Europa", Our 2013 European Steering Committee (ESC) final declaration in La Razon - "La sfida della grande Europa", our European Steering Committee (ESC) final declaration in La Repubblica - "Ολοταχώς προς τις Ευρωεκλογές με τρεις στόχους": Our 2013 ESC' final declaration published in To Vima - "Elections européennes : en avant, toute!" : Our 2013 ESC' declaration published in le Figaro - "En avant pour les européennes de 2014!": Our 2013 ESC' final declaration published in Le Temps - "Em frente pelas eleições europeias de 2014!": deOur 2013 ESC final declaration published in Publico - Antonio Vitorino quoted in the French Newspaper Le Monde "Comment Bruxelles surveille les Etats" - Antonio Vitorino and Pascal Lamy quoted in Le Monde about the immigration in Europe - J.Delors, A.Vitorino and Y.Bertoncini on "Germany and the EU: a new cycle?" - J.Delors, A.Vitorino and Y.Bertoncini in the Huffington Post to call for new relations between Germany and the EU - J.Delors, T.Repentin, E.Guigou and A.Vitorino on the Huffington Post "Europe le débat c'est maintenant!" - J.Delors, T.Repentin, E.Guigou and A.Vitorinoin the JDD make a commitment against the eurosceptics - Antonio Vitorino on EuroparlTV about the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - António Vitorino mentionned in El Mundo after his participation to the round table "Círculo de Economía" - J.Delors, J.Buzek, A.Vitorino and S.Andoura on "The European energy community is now" - S.Andoura, J.Buzek, J.Delors and A.Vitorino call in Le Monde for the European energy policy - António Vitorino on France 24 and RFI, on 18th and 19th May, guest of the show "Europe now" - P. Lamy, A. Vitorino and E. Fabry in about the EU external action - Jacques Delors and Antonio Vitorino signed a Viewpoint on the EU budget in the Huffington Post - Antonio Vitorino interviewed in Géo in an article untitled "Europe les frontières qui restent" - Jacques Delors, Antonio Vitorino and our Board of Directors deals with the EU and growth in the Huffington Post - Antonio Vitorino mentionned in the French Newspaper Le Monde "La bataille pour le gouvernement de l'euro" - António Vitorino on "RTP Informação" to analyze 2012 in Europe - Antonio Vitorino on Toute l'Europe "N'utilisons pas le saut fédéral comme alibi" - Euractiv: "Delors disciples request leaders to draw vision for the future" - Antonio Vitorino in Il Sole 24 Ore on the next European Council - Antonio Vitorino in Publico about the European Council Meeting (28 - 29 of June 2012) - Antonio Vitorino on NIC-Noticias to comment the results of the European Council (June 2012) - Antonio Vitorino and Vaira Vike-Freiberga in The Project Syndicate: " A German Europe?" - Euro area and European Council: Interview with António Vitorino - Interview of Antonio Vitorino on the eurozone crisis - " Europe is not yet convinced that towards a secondary role on the international stage " - Publico, 3 July 2011 - J Delors, A Vitorino, E Davignon and Y Bertoncini co-signs an article in Le Monde untitled "A clear vision for the Euro"
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