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Claire  Versini

Claire Versini

Events manager ; Citizen & pedagogical activities manager
Key points
Caen, 18 December 2015 - Europe, in the face of climate change
Brussels, 8 December 2015 - Presiding the Commission, Governing Europe
Florence, 12-13 november 2015- Towards a Eurozone budget and fiscal and borrowing capacity?
Brussels, 13 October 2015 - The Juncker Plan : Open questions
Paris, 24 September 2015 - After the greek psychodrama, what improvement for the EMU?
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The Jacques Delors Institute also organizes and participates in seminars and conferences throughout Europe. That allows us to expand and develop our work and to intensify the contacts with decision makers, experts and the wider public.

Toulouse, 21 September 2017 - What do our MEPs do?

The Jacques Delors Institute, the Comité de liaison du Sud-Ouest du Mouvement européen, the Mouvement Européen – France, the Jeunes Européens – Toulouse and the European School of Law, Toulouse 1 Capitole University, organise a debate with ...

Conference with Yves Bertoncini and Claire Versini

Le Mans, 19 September 2017 - MEPs great hearing: What do our MEPs do?

The Jacques Delors Institute in partnership with Alliance Europa, The Maine University and the Maison de l’Europe Le Mans – Sarthe, organises a debate with MEPs from the West constituency in order to come back to their mid-mandate assesment.


Oviedo, 25 July 2017 - Reply to the Euroskeptic

Yves Bertoncini, director of the Jacques Delors Institute, debates about euroskepticism during the 20th anniversary Clare seminar which tackles upon the issue of the role of the regions in a Europe in transition in Oviedo on the 24 and 25 July 2017.

Conference with Yves Bertoncini

Bruges, 13 July 2017 - Just a transition or a just transition? Jobs, skills, energy poverty

Sofia Fernandes, senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, will give a lecture on the social dimension of the energy transition at the College of Europe in Bruges on 13 July 2017.

Seminar with Sofia Fernandes

Brussels, 10 July 2017 - Guaranteeing solidarity in EU Cohesion policy post-2020

Marjorie Jouen, adviser at the Jacques Delors Institute, participates in a debate about the EU cohesion policy post 2020 during the PES Cohesion Conference 2017 "Towards a progressive strategy for cohesion policy post-2020".

Conference with Marjorie Jouen

Paris, 12 July 2017 - Digital development : a matter of speed ?

The Jacques Delors Institue, in partnership with Google, organises a high-level event to analyse the French and European position and strategies to take a better advantage in the digital transition.

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