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Elvire Fabry

Elvire Fabry

Senior Research Fellow. EU External Action. Trade
16 European think tanks present their recommendations on a global strategy for the EU's External Action.
Key points
European identity in the context of globalisation
EU security: a matter of political urgency
Engaging Europe in the world
Think Global - Act European IV - Thinking Strategically about the EU's External Action
Engaging with middle and global players
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Think Global Act European

The Jacques Delors Institute analyses the major changes in the international arena and the challenges they bring in terms of regional integration, for Europe and for other regions of the world, and also in terms of global governance. Its Think Global - Act European (TGAE) project brings together a sweeping network of European think tanks and contributes to drafting recommendations with a view to both strengthening the external aspect of the EU’s internal policies and to improving the integration of its external action instruments.


Enrico Letta in La Repubblica about the US unilateral intervention in Syria

Enrico Letta, our President, is interviewed by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica about the US unilateral intervention in an article entitled "Enrico Letta: Unilateralismo Usa pericoloso, il conto lo pagherà l'Europa", on April 8th, 2017.

11/04/2017 Interview - Enrico Letta

Enrico Letta on La7 about the European External Action

Our President, Enrico Letta, is the guest of the Italian channel La7 in the show "Piazza pulita" to debate about the war in Syria and the European External Action, on April 6, 2017 from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

10/04/2017 Programme - Enrico Letta

Nantes, 22 March 2017 - Europe facing an unstable world

Eneko Landaburu, adviser at the Jacques Delors Institute, gives a conference about Europe facing an unstable world at the University of Nantes on the 22 March at 6pm.

11/03/2017 Conference - Eneko Landaburu

Paris, 1 March 2017 - The European identity in globalisation

The Jacques Delors Institute, in partnership with the Gulbenkian Foundation, organises a high level round table in order to better define the European identity in globalisation: how can we strengthen the European construction asserting our common ...

23/02/2017 Conference - Pascal Lamy, Enrico Letta and Aziliz Gouez

Paris, 28 February 2017 - Europe and Globalisation : what political choices for the left ?

Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute, gives a conference on "Europe and Globalisation : what political choices for the left ?" during a meeting organised by several local sections of the Parti Socialiste.

13/02/2017 Conference - Pascal Lamy

Elvire Fabry on Arte debates on the topic : should Europe respond to Trump ?

Elvire Fabry, senior research fellow, appears as a guest in the programme 28 minutes on Arte to analyse the response of the European Union to Donald Trump, on February 2, 2017 from 8 p. m. to 8:28 p. m.

02/02/2017 Programme - Elvire Fabry
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