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Alain Dauvergne

Alain Dauvergne

An expert in European Affairs, Alain Dauvergne is a former editor-in-chief of radio RTL and former ...
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The Rule of Law under Threat: What Can Europe Do?

on November 28, 2017, 11:35
Tribune - Alain Dauvergne

© Union européenne 2016 - Parlement européen
The anti-Soros campaign orchestrated by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is only the latest challenge to the rule of law by the Hungarian government. As in the Polish case, the European institutions are confronted with violations of the democratic principles underlying membership of the European Union. In a climate of mutual distrust, other EU states could be tempted to follow suit, while the Commission remains paralysed.
In this tribune, Alain Dauvergne, advisor at the Jacques Delors Institute, analyses the situation and the notorious article 7 of the European Treaty, which can deprive a member state of its voting rights in the EU, but which remains so impracticable as to have no deterrent effect.
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