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Enrico Letta

Enrico Letta

President of the Jacques Delors Institut, Dean of the School of International Affairs at Sciences Po ...
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The Political Future of the European Union

on October 7, 2016, 18:54
- Enrico Letta
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Enrico Letta, our President, is introducing the debate on the political future of the European Union. 

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and French Prime Minister Manuel Valls are invited to debate the European Union's political future with the public brought together in Paris on 7 October 2016, as well as with web users from across Europe.

The European Union and its Member-States are facing a multi-faceted crisis whose outcome will determine the future of the European project. After the British referendum, what kind of Europe do we want? What will the European identity be in a globalised world? Where should the EU’s borders lie? How can we assure the collective security of Europeans? What sort of approach should we take in terms of economic and social policy?

Such questions were answered by Jean-Claude Juncker and Manuel Valls during a public conference.
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