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Jean-Claude Junker discusses the Commission presidency and ...
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Pascal Lamy in le Parisien "Pascal Lamy au lycée"

Pascal Lamy, President emeritus, is quoted in le Parisien on 29 January 2015 in an article untitled "Pascal Lamy au lycée" at the occasion of his conference to Charle-le-Chauve High School at Roissy-en-Brie.

30/01/2015 Mentions - Pascal Lamy

Repair and prepare: Strengthening Europe's economies after the crisis

This study by H. Enderlein, J. Fritz-Vannahme and J. Haas proposes a working method that facilitates cooperation and commitment and identifies questions that Europe needs to answer on the road towards a resilient EMU.

30/01/2015 Studies and reports - Henrik Enderlein, Joachim Fritz-Vannahme and Jörg Haas

Sofia Fernandes quoted in the newspaper Expresso about the greek debt

Sofia Fernandes, senior research fellow on economic and social affairs, is quoted in the portuguese newspaper Expresso about the Greek debt, on 26 January 2015.

29/01/2015 Mentions - Sofia Fernandes

European social dialogue: 30 years of experience and progress, what future?

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the “Val Duchesse” meetings, the Jacques Delors Institute publishes this policy paper by Jean Lapeyre, in which he traces the birth, evolution and future prospects of the European social dialogue.

28/01/2015 Policy paper - Jean Lapeyre

Tsipras is not Midas: a break in continuity?

Yves Bertoncini analyses Syriza's win in the general election which can be interpreted as an unmistakable rejection of the policies pursued in Athens over the last five years and opens a new phase in relations between Greece and "Brussels".

26/01/2015 Tribune - Yves Bertoncini

Adjustment programmes in the euro area: mission accomplished?

This Synthesis by Sofia Fernandes and Thibault Paulet is based on the main ideas aired in the course of an expert seminar organised by NE-JDI and the EESC on the economic, fiscal and social assessment of adjustement programmes in the euro area.

22/05/2014 Synthesis - Sofia Fernandes and Thibault Paulet
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