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Terrorist threat and refugee crisis: French and German answers

This Tribune is the result of the "Think Tanks Tandem", a series of meeting organized between July and October 2016 with representatives of French and German think tanks to discuss the terrorist threat, the refugee crisis (July 2016), the Common ...

20/01/2017 Tribune - Yves Bertoncini, Gilles Finchelstein, Marcel Grignard, Julie Hamann, Ronja Kempin, Guillaume Klossa, Nicole Koenig, Martin Koopmann, Jean-Paul Maulny, Marc-Olivier Padis, Sophie Pornschlegel, Dominic Schwickert, Stefan Seidendorf and Hans Stark

The Europeans and Uncle Trump: a risk and an opportunity

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency of the United States of America is a geopolitical event that entails risks whose causes and consequences the Europeans need to analyse if they are to turn that event into an opportunity for our Union.

20/01/2017 Tribune - Enrico Letta, Yves Bertoncini, Erik Belfrage, Joachim Bitterlich, Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, Nicole Gnesotto, Elisabeth Guigou, Eneko Landaburu, Riccardo Perissich, Maria João Rodrigues, Javier Solana and Christian Stoffaës

Brexit and the EU budget: threat or opportunity?

This policy paper analyses the impact of Brexit on the EU budget. It draws up different scenarios on how the EU could adjust to the expected shortfall after Brexit and highlight the political implications of these different options.

19/01/2017 Policy paper - Jörg Haas and Eulalia Rubio

Pascal Lamy on BBC Newsnight analyses the speech of Theresa May

Pascal Lamy, our President emeritus, appears as a guest on BBC Newsnight, to analyse the speech of Theresa May and what could the United Kingdom obtain from the European Union, on January 18, 2016 from 10:30 GMT.

18/01/2017 Programme - Pascal Lamy

Enrico Letta on France5 debates the new world order

Enrico Letta, our President, appears as a guest on France 5 in the programme C dans l'air to analyse Theresa May speech and to debate the new world order, on January 18, 2017 at 5:45 p. m., replay at 10:25 p. m.

18/01/2017 Programme - Enrico Letta

Faces on divides: mid-term MEPs' votes

The election of a new president of the European Parliament on Tuesday 17 January marks mid-term for the parliamentarians elected in May 2014.The Jacques Delors Institute conducted a fresh analysis of the way French MEPs have voted to date in ...

17/01/2017 - Yves Bertoncini, Claire David, Claire Versini and Hamza Abbas
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