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Schengen's stress test: political issues and perspectives

This policy paper by António Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini analyse the civic and diplomatic roots of the crisis in the Schengen area in order to diagnose its scale and to identify a potential way out over the coming months.

16/02/2016 Policy paper - Yves Bertoncini and António Vitorino

Pascal Lamy in The Economist : What the aversion to global trade says about Europe and America?

Pascal Lamy, our president emeritus, is quoted in an article of The Economist : "What the aversion to global trade says about Europe and America?", on April 30, 2016.

30/04/2016 Mentions - Pascal Lamy

Elvire Fabry on LCP to debates about the TTIP

Elvire Fabry, senior research fellow at the Institute Jacques Delors, is the guest of LCP to discuss the transatlantic trade and investment partnership, on April 29 at 19:30 p.m. and 23:30 p.m.. She debates together with: Jean-François Poisson, MP, ...

29/04/2016 Programme - Elvire Fabry

A jobseeker’s visa for third-country nationals

Yves Pascouau, associate senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, proposes to create a jobseeker’s visa, based on the freedom of movement of European citizens and on the legal and technological “arsenal” implemented for the ...

28/04/2016 Policy paper - Yves Pascouau

Yves Bertoncini on Public Sénat about the rise of the far right in Europe

Yves Bertoncini, our director, is the guest of Public Sénat in the show "on va plus loin" on the rise of the far right in Europe, on April 26, from 10 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

26/04/2016 Programme - Yves Bertoncini

The Vatican’s outlook on Europe: from firm encouragement to exacting support

While the Pope visits Sarajevo on June 6, this Policy Paper by Sébastien Maillard analyses the evolution of relations between the Vatican and Europe since the beginnings of the European Project.

02/06/2015 Policy paper - Sébastien Maillard
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